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2019 Christmas Competition SAT 7th Dec

Yuen's Farmers Market is out to find THE BEST SANTA CLAUSE in the Hood! Turn up Saturday 7th Dec and show us your Santa Skills for a STRAIGHT UP $25 GIFT Bonus and go in the run for $300 worth of Christmas Vouchers.  Winner Announced Sat 21/12.

Audition Times

Underwood 10am - 11am 

Waterford 11.30am - 12.30pm

Christmas Ride for the homeless

Homeless Helpers, Street Feed and some Bikies got together to raise some money for the Homeless.

Check out there story now.

Deathrow unchained animals

Come down and enjoy the fun of helping and playing with the animals at DRU  Special Xmas Tour 8/12/19 at 10am

1374 Mt Cotton Road, Burbank, Qld 4156

Mango Queen 2019

 Ally Catalano is the 2019 Mango Queen and helping the Brisbane Fruit Markets get to their $1,000,000 fundraising target for 2020 there is only $6,900 to go 


Let's help those helping others.  As lots of small things help big things happen.

Please give your support to the Fire support effort by going to www.givit.org.au

Give a little or give alot, because every little bit counts.

Thank you all those fire fighters and supporters making a difference.

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About Us



Our shop is a whole new store breathing life into UNDERWOOD CENTRAL.  It is located right next to Aldi and nestled among a variety of stores, restaurants and beauticians.

Everything you could possibly need.



Once known as Meninga Fresh, Yuen's Farmers Market has taken over to deliver fresher fruit with better prices.

Other Shops in the centre cover eveything you could possibly need.

Underwood Video Stories

Building the Underwood Store


Building a Fruit Shop from scratch takes a lot of work and running it is just as hard. 

But get it right...... 

 And you get Yuen's Farmers Market

Car Giveaway Part 1


To get things going we thought we would give a car away.

Why not?

The winners reaction is priceless

Car Winner


The Winner was hard to track down.

But it was a worthy winner in the end.

We should do a follow up....


Waterford Video Stories

Re modelling the Waterford Store

Yuen's Farmers Market Waterford Store Make Over.
See the difference

Building a Fruit Shop from scratch takes a lot of work and running it is just as hard. 

But get it right...... 

 And you get Yuen's Farmers Market

Shop Tour


Have a look through the new Shop and see what people love the most.

Thank you


To all our FACEBOOK Followersa we thank you very much for all you online support and great comments.

So each week we give away a $50 in store voucher

Christmas @ yuen's Farmers Market


2018 Christmas Viodeo

Santa came and enjoyed some Mangoes


2017 Christmas Video

Santa had his Elves do all the hard work.

Nothing new I guess